Forever Caterpillar

Callous, mangled fingers of frigid bone prod
Like tips of ancient Aztec hunting arrows
Dipped once in gold, now seared in forlornity
And wander agonizingly down my back
Consistent in the torment of wont for pause.

A fetid smell of death by desolation
Pushes poison of anguish into my lungs,
Courses furiously throughout my body,
Withdrawal of unmasked heart the catalyst.
Through quantum entanglement, we exhale joy.

Relentless toxic wringing pressure of words
To songs that yesterday set my core on fire
And kept it ablaze as I danced in the rain
Mock me now as I lean into living through
Music that once interfaced our connection.

Lost zephyr morphed into cyclone of regret
Encircles my aura with burning chaos.
My flailing hands stumble through fiery ash;
Weary movement, the catalyst for fission
Empowering it to overshadow my world.

Obstinate quivering of my core battle
With a tensity that emulates control.
Just another moment until it passes.
I ache, Kintsugi mine. Your complacency –
Apathy – destines you to a rest in pieces.

Swirls in deep indigo ink repeat your name
Layers that trample the garden of my thoughts
And pillage the sanctuary of my dreams
Memories had, and those taken before birth
Fill every space with rotting, tormented love.

Box now closed.

Photo credit: Didier DescouensOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link